Amazon App Quiz Answers – Win Camping Tent

Amazon App Quiz Answers – Win Camping Tent

Amazon App Quiz Answers – Amazon didn’t left behind to amaze us with their exciting offers & quiz. Amazon in association with various leading brands runs daily quiz game for their App users. Amazon will ask you some questions and you have to answer it correct from the options provided.

We update daily quiz answers here in this post, so bookmark this page & invest 5 min daily to play amazon’s exciting quiz game. If you are lucky enough then you can win big gifts from Amazon India.

Amazon App Quiz Answers : Win Camping Tent (16th April)

1.The Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 took place from March 14-21. Which country was it hosted in?
Ans. UAE

2.David Dhawan is set to release a remake of his 90s film Coolie No.1, starring son Varun Dhawan. Who is the lead actress cast opposite Varun?
Ans. Sara ali Khan

3.The smallest bone in the human body is found in the fingers.
Ans. False

4.India recently launched the South-Asian Centre of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Where can you find the IRRI headquarters?
Ans. Phillipines

5.Which city has been titled as the ‘cleanest city in India’ as part of the Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey?
Ans. Indore

Amazon App Quiz Answers : Win Rs.25000 Amazon Pay Balance

1) The Game of Thrones TV show is based on the fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ . Who is the author to this book series?

Ans – George R. R. Martin

2) In the series ‘Game of Thrones’, the White Walkers are vulnerable to which of these materials?

Ans – dragonglass

3) In the Game of Thrones series, what’s the name of the band of assassins that Arya Stark joins in Braavos?

Ans – Faceless Men

4) What character does Priyanka Chopra’s sister-in-law play in the Game of Thrones series?

Ans – Sansa Stark

5) Where can you take a selfie while sitting on the real Iron Throne used in the filming of Game of Thrones?

Ans – Croatia

How to Play Amazon’s Quiz Time :-

  • Download Amazon App from here
  • Register / Login
  • Proceed to Dashboard
  • You will see banner regarding the Quiz
  • Click on that > Click on Start Quiz
  • You will be asked questions one by one
  • Answer the correct option and proceed
  • That’s it! You will be registered for the draw!

Amazon App Quiz Answers :-

Amazon Quiz Answers of 14th April : Win Apple iPhone XR

1) Which scientist developed the algorithm which helped capture the first-ever image of a black hole?

Ans – Katie Bouman

2) The Phayeng village is recently tagged as India’s first carbon-positive settlement. Which state is it located in?

Ans – Manipur

3) Vader, Papi, Tatay, and Tevas are different terms for a ___.

Ans – Father

4) The amount of electronic waste is growing rapidly. The world’s largest e-waste recycling center was recently opened in which of these cities?

Ans – Dubai

5) 14th April is celebrated as ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’, the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar, known as the architect of the Indian constitution. He was also independent India’s first __. Fill in the blanks

Ans – Law minister

Amazon App Quiz Answers, 8th February 

1. Ablutophobia’ is the fear of?
Answer – Bathing

2 The Greeks referred to this state as ‘Pentapotamia’, an inland delta of five converging rivers. Name this Indian State
Answer – Punjab

3. Which of these is the Greek goddess of victory?
Answer – Nike

4. Jetsun Pema became the queen of which Asian kingdom following her marriage in 2011?
Answer – Bhutan

5. Which High Court recently ruled against negative marking in competitive examinations?
Answer – Madras High Court

Amazon App Quiz Answers, 7th February 

  1. Wolverine, also known as ‘Gulo Gulo’ is the member of which animal family?
    Answer – Weasel
  2. The collective noun for a group of giraffes is a ‘_____ of giraffes’. Fill in the blanks.
    Answer – Tower
  3. Churchill, Sherman and Panzer and the names of ________?
    Answer – Military tanks
  4. Which ancient empire was ruled by Xerxes the Great in the fifth century BC?
    Answer – The Persian Empire
  5. Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?
    Answer – New Zealand

Amazon App Quiz Answers, 6th February

1. In context to NBA basketball, what does the term MVP stand for?

Answer –   Most Valuable Player

2. Which one of these Indian movie is inspired by the biography of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa?

Answer –  Taare Zamin Par

3. Castella, Tres Leches, Brigadeiro, and Oliebollen are all names of _?

Answer  –  Desserts 

4. Which of these actors played on-screen father to their real father?

Answer – Abhishek Bachchan

5. At the age of 16 years and 146 days, who recently became the youngest batsman in the world to score a half-century in international cricket?

Answer –  Rohit Paudel

Amazon App Quiz Answers, 5th February

1. Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?
Answer – Helium

2. Vlad the Impaler was an emperor in Romania in the 14th century. Which fictional character was based on him?
Answer – Dracula

3. The ‘Asteroid Belt’ is a region of space where most of the asteroids in our Solar System are found orbiting the Sun. This belt is located between the orbits of which two planets?
Answer – Mars and Jupiter

4. Narthaki Nataraj recently became the first Transgender to be awarded the Padma Shri award. Which of these dance forms is she associated with?
Answer – Bharatanatyam

5. Which country won the recently held 2019 Asian Cup Football tournament?
Answer – Qatar

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