Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : What is New ?

mi band 3 vs mi band 2

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : What is New ?

The Digital Revolution has brought many Fitness Band to our shores. In our Country, people have woken up the trend of using the Fitness Band. Xiaomi has already sold around 18.5 Million bands till yet. They had got a huge success in making Mi Fitness Band. In this post you will get to know all about the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Compare which one is Better : Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 ?

Mi Band 3 : Price & Availability

Mi band 3 vs mi band 2

Mi band 3 has two new variants , one with NFC and another without NFC. They both will be available at different price range. The Basic version of the Mi Band 3 is available at a price of CNY 169, which is approximately Rs.1,800 and the NFC Version of Mi Band 3 will be available at CNY 199 which is approximately Rs.2,100. The Band will be available in India in September month. But for now you can purchase it from Gearbest.com . The band is available at a price of $29.59 which is approximately Rs.2035. To buy it from Gearbest, Click Here .

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : Design and Built Quality 

At the first look, you will find the the Mi band 3 is almost same as the Mi band 2 but looking it a bit closer you will find that the band comes with a curved display which looks very nice. Besides that Mi Band 3’s band is exactly same as that of Mi Band 2 which is made of thermoplastic elastomer material. 

Xiaomi has solved the problem of coming out the device from the band. They had made it tight in Mi Band 3, that is, now it will not be easy to remove it from the band. 

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : Display & Water Resistance

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2

Mi Band 3’s display is the same PMOLED Panel which was found in Mi Band 2. The Display is full touch sensitive in Mi Band 3 while in Mi Band 2, only touch pad is given at the bottom of the band. Now you can enjoy a large view of the band in Mi Band 3 which is a 0.78 inches PMOLED display with a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels. Mi Band 3 is somewhat brighter than the Mi Band 2. Overall the display is far better in Mi Band 3 than in Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is resistance to water even when immersed upto 50 meters

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : Battery 

The Mi Band 3 is bringing a 110 mAh battery which is almost 60% larger than the 70 mAh battery found on the Mi Band 2. The battery backup is increased because Mi Band 3 has larger and brighter display than Mi Band 2. Mi Band 3 has been rated with 20 days of battery life which is almost similar to Mi Band 2

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2 : Features

Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2

Apart from counting your steps, reading your heart-rate, and keeping track of calories burnt like the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3 can accurately track your sleep, show you real-time data while playing sports or exercising, and more. You will be excited on hearing it that Mi Band 3 is coming with real time sports data feature as it will help you to monitor the state of your heart and speed during exercises. So that you can adjust your workout accordingly.

Mi Band 3 can deliver you notifications for your calls, messages, alarms, reminders and notifications of the apps like whatsapp, instagram, facebook and many more app’s notification available. You can also decide whether to pick up the call or not as it will show you the name of caller. 

mi band 3 vs mi band 2

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