Unlimited Earning Trick : Get Rs.130 Per Refer

Unlimited Earning Trick : Get Rs.130 Per Refer

Earn Talktime, the app which gives free recharge for completing tasks and for mainly referring the friends and family members to download their app. You can earn Upto Rs.1500 easily per day. As we know that to do every trick we need a rooted device so here we want a rooted phone with some apps that are mentioned below.

Requirements :

   * A rooted smartphone.
   * Android ID changer.
   * Xposed Module.
   * Earn Talktime App.
   * Donkey Guard.
   * Many Google ID of which you know password for login in Play Store.

How to loot :

  1. Click Here to download the Earn Talktime App.
  2. Register with a new account and it will automatically verify your number.
  3. Download the apps to earn money. Must complete a task of downloading a app.
  4. Now copy your referral link or note it down.
  5. Now clear data of Earn Talktime app.
  6. Open Android ID Changer and create a new android ID or choose the random option.
  7. Now change all the ID of Play Store from Donkey Guard.
  8. Use New Google ID which is not used for downloading Earn Talktime.
  9. Now open any browser and enter your referral link that you have copied.
  10. Now open the app and register with a new number.
    Note : If the SIM is not in the mobile then forward that message your SIM that is in the mobile in which you are using trick.
  11. Now you will get Rs.10 in your referral link’s account. Now download any one app,by doing this you will earn Rs.20 in your referral link’s account.
  12. Now earn Rs.160 in your new account by downloading apps to earn Rs.100 in your referral link’s account.   

Money you will earn step by step :

  • By registering you will earn Rs.10.
  • By downloading an app in the referred ID you will earn Rs.20 in the referral link’s account.
  • By earning Rs.160 in your referred ID, you will earn Rs.100 in your referral link’s account.

Through this you will earn Rs.130 in your main referral link’s account.

Download Hungama Deal App from Google Play Store

Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hungama.deal.app

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