Samsung Galaxy Note 7
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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at Rs.59900

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – When you are constantly connected to your phone making seamless transitions between work and play, you need a phone that can deal with it all. So Samsung designed the Galaxy Note 7 to think as big as you do. For you to get the most out of life the way you choose.

They had recently started booking on Amazon India. So you can grab your smartphone from Amazon. This is an awesome phone with the latest features. The cost of this beautiful smartphone will be Rs.59900. If you pre-book this smartphone then you will get all new gear VR at Rs.1999 only. 

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Samsung galaxy note 7
more room for everything
smart switch
more than just a phone

Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Online from Amazon India

Note 7 is So Much More Than Just a PhoneSamsung brings to you a cutting edge technology to help you connect with the world more conveniently. Be it shopping, reading, connecting with friends or the world, our phones have become such an integral part of our lives. Right from helping you stay ready for all the photographic moments to transacting money online, the Note 7 does so much more than just facilitating a call. The Galaxy Note 7 is indeed the next generation phone which accommodates all your needs. Powered by an Octa-core processor, the Note 7 will surprise you with its brilliant performance. Replete with Smart features, the Note 7 will make multitasking easy and effortless for you.

Secure Your Phone Effectively and EffortlesslyThink of all the different passwords that you need to remember on a daily basis. Wouldn’t you love to do away with at least one password? Now, you can. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with an Iris scanner and a finger print scanner. Together, they make the security of the Note 7 unique and invincible. Not only can you skip memorising passwords, but also expect a better security from theft of information. The Iris scanner is unique to your eyes only and so is the fingerprint scanner. So, avail the next generation security and protect your phones from any possible theft of information.

Never Fail to Capture a MomentAre you a photography enthusiast? Do you love clicking all your special moments to make them last forever? Now, with the Samsung Note 7, stay photo-ready always. The 12 MP primary camera comes with a powerful sensor which captures vivid life-like image. Whether it is a portrait frame, or a landscape in lowlight, capture brilliant images with the Note 7 camera.

Stay Charged AlwaysIf you are always on the go and need a phone with more battery backup, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the model for you. Be it making phone calls, watching your favourite videos or listening to your playlist, the 3500 mAh battery of the Note 7 will not run out of juice. Also, the Note 7 comes with wireless charging technology which is one of the high spots of the Samsung Galaxy phones. And, just like the previous Galaxy phones, the Note 7 is also water-resistant. So, upgrade to the Galaxy Note 7 and heighten your experience of the digital world.




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